Location: Dudley West Midlands
Art Medium: Clay, specifically crank stoneware  
Style: Realism
Work Representation: Dogs, British domestic, British wildlife and safari

  • A level Art, 4 years apprentership Topaz Ceramics Stoke on Trent

Adrian Guest left school with A levels in Ceramics and Art in 1981.  He then secured an apprenticeship in Topaz Ceramics Stoke on Trent.  His primary role was throwing pots, but he also trained in all other aspects of ceramic production.  After four years, he set up his own workshop at Cotwall End Craft Centre where he worked for many years producing hand thrown ceramics. Eventually he started to make rudimentary sculpture by assembling thrown pots; this led to his passion for sculpture.  His work is now sold in exhibitions throughout the country.  

He works from a studio at his home in Dudley in the Black Country, selling his work through galleries like ours.


Each sculpture starts from a number of thrown pots made on the potter’s wheel which are left to go leather hard or are started as slab built forms. They are then cut and assembled to get the basic shape.  This gives a firm hollow body which is an ideal base to start. Clay is then added or removed, shaped and carved until it has come to life. They are then finished with oxides, raw materials, clay slips and my own glazes.


"I am fascinated by muscle structure and fur texture with how the skin folds with movement which I try to capture in my work."