Birthplace: Newcastle upon Tyne
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Art Medium: Oils, Ceramics
Style: Semi abstract painting. Figure based and functional Ceramics
Work Representation: Landscape and coastal views of Lake District and North East Coast

  • BA Fine Art, Newcastle

Trevor Craggs graduated from Newcastle Art School in the late seventies. After a 20 year career as a graphic designer/illustrator, he returned to university to study Fine Art, gaining a BA hons. Six years of study freed him from tight illustration to becoming a semi abstract painter and sculptor.

His paintings are rooted in landscape. Those that evolve over hours, sometimes days, often represent the passage of time. He seeks to convey the emotion of being in landscape. He like to recall atmospheric encounters in changing light and weather, seasons and places. As he often says – “I do like a drama!”

His appreciation and interest in sculpture developed during the many BA art history lectures. This, coupled with the many years of life drawing, has given his sculptures figurative grounding. Strong ceramic forms have developed, sensitively fired using Ancient Japanese Raku, Smoke or Crystalline techniques.