Birthplace: Truro, Cornwall
Location: Launceston, Cornwall
Art Medium: Kiln formed art glass
Style: Contemporary

  • GMVQ Art and Design, St. Austell College

  • City and Guilds Life Drawing

  • City and Guilds Black and White Photography


“Using his own formula, he produces a textured look to the glass, drawing one colour up through another while at the same time forming a crackled/textured look in the colours that have been fired. This is a technique that is unique to his work.”

Gregg has lived all his life in Cornwall, most of it on the North Cornwall Coast. The rugged countryside and rich colours of the Cornish landscape strongly influence his work, giving a lot of it an organic look.  Gregg has a passion for experimenting with the glass to develop different techniques and effects, as can be seen with work such as 'Oblivion.' 


Gregg's studio, Craft Fusion is just over the county border from his Cornish home in Holsworthy, Devon although Gregg is hoping to move the studio back into Cornwall in the future.When Gregg was growing up his Mother had a passion for collecting coloured glass and as children Gregg and his sister Sarita used to spend hours exploring old mine workings, now Gregg works in glass and his sister is a Senior Geologist! An understanding of minerals and the reactions that can be achieved with them helped Gregg to create the gorgeous colours and effects in the 'Quantum' vessel.Gregg will also create for private commissions.

Mentionable Exhibitions:

  • Walford Mill

  • Chapel Gallery, Saltram

  • Biscuit Factory, (via Devon Arts Culture)

  • The Malcolm Sutcliffe Gallery, Penryn, (Cornish Glass Artists)