Birthplace: South Wales
Art Medium: Oils and watercolours
Style: impressionistic
Influences: Impressionists of Europe, Canada & the Antipodes, Corot, Constable, Turner and Yardley amongst others.

  • BA degree in Creative Arts

Inspired mainly by nature and man’s involvement with it, Haydn’s main focus is painting images of both Cumbria and the Dales where he feels he can better express the excitement he feels about the places he visits.

“For me, atmosphere is more important than too much detail. Leaving something to the imagination may stimulate you to engage with the work more closely and perhaps enjoy it more too.”

Another reason for Haydn’s impressionist approach is that he wants to better create an interesting composition in an abstract sense – through an appealing arrangement of colours, lines, tones and textures. 

Haydn’s style is, “(an) approach which leads me to move things around a little and perhaps change or exaggerate the colours – but I always aim to express the atmosphere and sense of place which I experienced.”