Hare family of four

Hare family of four

JJ was born in Cambridge, UK. He has worked in electronics design, print plate making and Graphic Design studios.

In 1975 he became a self-employed Graphic Designer, working with his wife and brother trading as Vincent Design. Projects also included 3D model making and display work.

In 2004 he embarked on a mission of discovery into the world of sculptural ceramics. Hooked, he became a member of Anglian Potters, where he found the possibility to display and sell his ceramic animals.


All of his animal sculptures are individually hand-built with Stoneware clay and finished with stains and oxides.  They all incorporate a degree of realism, but also deal with an emphasis on character.  At various times, JJ's menagerie of animals has included orangutans, gorillas, chameleons and whales, sheep, pigs, horses & cows.

Currently he is concentrating on editions of hares, cats and dogs which he regularly supplies to a small group of UK galleries. 

The NLG took delivery of our first drove of JJ’s hares in May, with the 14th of the month being declared “Hare Day” where the front window display was taken over by .... you know what.

Work represented by us: 
Ceramics: JJ Vincent