Location: Kirkby Stephen
Style: Jewellery,  Pewter & Wood Boxes

  • 1980 – 1983 Instituto Gabriela Mistral Art & Design Madrid

  • May 1997 Pewter Workshop at S. Norwood Arts & Crafts School London

  • April 1998 Enamelling Workshop at Ullswater Community College – Penrith

  • September 2000 Stained Glass at Brewery Arts Centre – Kendal

  • August 2001 Pewter and Silver Workshop - Madrid

Maria Santos works from her studio in Kirkby Stephen, designing and making a range of jewellery in Fine Silver.

Much of the inspiration for her designs comes from the natural world, which enables her to recreate the beauty of nature in every small detail.  She loves to focus on vibrant colour, from, and texture.

Her current Silver Silica range features embellished fine silver with silica in various forms of glass and enamels.


Using repoussé and chase techniques, Maria forms pewter sheet into a variety of objects such as mirrors, boxes, photo frames, clocks, decorative panels  brooches, and pendants.  She uses a combination of different materials such as enamels, glass and semi-precious stones on wood, aluminium or silver as a base structure. 


“No two pieces are exactly alike as no casting or pressing is involved. Each piece has been worked individually from my own designs.”