Stepping Stones


Stepping Stones


‘Stepping Stones’ is a framed lithograph by Alan Stones.

Why This is a Staff Favourite (Mri):

When I first saw Alan Stone's work I skimmed over it, much preferring the detail of the other paintings around it. However, with each day that brought me past Alan's wall, my eyes kept getting drawn to this lithograph. A solo man walks across a path of stones, his head down, clearly lost in thought. He steps from one to another, playing the game we all did as kids. Is he concentrating on his steps, to make sure he doesn't touch the lava? Is he a man allowing himself a moment of childish pleasure before he has to return to the crushing weight of bills and responsibility? Or is he thinking about something else entirely, so consumed in his thoughts that he doesn't notice anything other than the steps he's taking?


  • Length: 59.5cm

  • Height: 52.5cm

  • Depth: 2.5cm

  • Frame Width: 2cm

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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