Medium Tall Vase


Medium Tall Vase


A stunning vase by John Kershaw.

Why It’s a Staff Favourite (Mri):

Though not the stereotypical black and gold, John’s style still reminds me of the Hellenic times, which is a much loved period of mine. Where most people grew up reading Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, I delved into the stories of the ancient Greek gods and monsters. The curves seen on this vase are simply stunning and though I love all of John’s work (including the piece I have in my home), this one is my favourite of those remaining.


  • Height: 21.5cm

  • Top Diameter: 4cm

  • Middle Diameter: 8.5cm

  • Bottom Diameter: 4.5cm

  • Weight: 570g

*Measured by hand. Allow 1-2cm for error.

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