Birthplace: Bristol
Location: North Lancashire
Art Medium: Oil
Influences: The English Romantic painters and watercolour artists, Caspar David Friedrich and the impressionists.

  • B.A. Anthropology Durham University

  • Self-taught artist. I began as a student copying the Old Masters before progressing to original paintings of my own.

Simon is influenced by the Romantic Artists of the 19th century such as Turner and English Watercolourists, but also the Impressionist Painters, the background of his paintings are often made up of thousands of tiny dots and marks which Simon terms "micro impressionism’. 

As is clearly visible when seeing these paintings, Simon’s work is inspired by, “...the wildness and elemental, primordial intensity of the wild spaces which lie above the peaceful Lakeland valleys, rock snow and ice are some of my favourite motifs, likewise the feeling of being on a high hill looking down to the valleys below.”

“My paintings are inspired by the solid immovable motifs the artist returns to continually, often rebuffed by the elements; but always to be discovered afresh in a different season or mood. Crag,rock, the wilderness of the high fell which quietly awaits discovery.”

What moves Simon is the solitude, an intense primordial quiet broken only by the iron clank of scree and boulder, skylarks wheeling and the hard metallic croak of ravens; exciting light effects and the rock which is the foundation of Simon’s paintings and the Lakeland itself.


“This is what made me a painter: the skeletal aspects of the mountains, such as Striding Edge, with its coiled energy and jagged vertebrae of rock. It is their honest, truthful sparseness which makes them heroic and sublime; worthy subjects for the mountain painter.”


It is Simon’s hope that his beautifully evocative paintings show even the most familiar view may be appreciated anew, and that you too will be surprised by joy through them.

Mentionable Exhibitions:

  • "Art in action" Oxfordshire

  • Several solo exhibitions in Grasmere

  • It is anticipated that the NLG will mount an exhibition of Simon’s highly regarded paintings by year-end, 2018.

Work represented by us:
Paintings: Simon Whitfield         Twitter: @ArtistWhitfield