Pied Wagtail

3 - northern lights - pied wagtail.JPG
3 - northern lights - pied wagtail.JPG

Pied Wagtail


An individually, hand crafted bird in mixed media (epoxy clay) with variegated silver leaf and ink tint finish with doming resin eyes. It stands on copper legs and is set into a piece of Northumberland Sandstone (provenance Ladycross Quarry & Nature Reserve, where all stone is hand quarried by hammer and wedge).

Makers mark on the base.


  • Length: 18cm

  • Width: 11cm

  • Height: 11cm

  • Wagtail Length: 15.5cm

  • Wagtail Width: 5cm

  • Wagtail Height: 75cm

  • Weight: 1.027kg

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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