Location: Nelson/Rochdale
Art Medium: Resin, Aluminium, Silver
Style: Contemporary

  • Mechanical Engineering, Salford University

  • Self-taught

Norman Eames has been making jewellery since 2008. After noticing the beauty of natural forms cut in cross section, he experimented and developed a technique of setting cross-sections of wood within resin. From it, he designed and created sculptures, wall hangings, coasters etc. He later diversified and modified this technique into designing and developing jewellery.

Crafted from resin and aluminium, each piece of his desigNE jewellery is a beautiful blend of colours. Norman achieves his unique flow patterns by alternating layers of colours, interrupted by accents of aluminium. Then he cuts the piece in cross sections, finishing with a polish.  The natural variations in this process mean that no two pieces are ever the same, making each piece of hand-crafted jewellery entirely individual and ensures that no two people will ever find anyone else wearing the same piece of jewellery.