Time for Structure


Time for Structure


‘Time for Structure’ is a pewter and Thuya wood clock created by Maria Santos-Alcantara.

This clock is handcrafted from the root of the Thuya tree before being expertly French polish finished to enhance the full character of this exquisite burr.


  • Height: 15cm

  • Width: 10cm

  • Depth: 3.5cm

  • Weight: 290g

*Measured by hand; please allow a few centimetres for error.

Care Instructions:

Pewter has an enduring quality and since it does not oxidise, it requires no other care than an occasional dust. Simple dusting should be all that is necessary, but should you wish to clean the wood, use a wax based furniture polish. As with any wooden product, it is best kept away from conditions of extreme heat or damp.

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