LG Three Blossom Trees

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BOX Three Blossom Trees.JPG
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LG Three Blossom Trees


Three Blossom Trees is a large box created by Maria Santos-Alcantara. It’s made out of pewter and Thuya wood. There is a beautiful woody scent to it that fades with time.

Inside is a removable shelf that has three sections (50%, 25%, 25%). The half side is a square and the other two are divided horizontally. Beneath that there are no more dividers.

This box is handcrafted from the root of the Thuya tree before being expertly French polish finished to enhance the full character of this exquisite burr.


  • Length: 26cm

  • Depth: 15.75cm

  • Height: 12.5cm

  • Inside 50% section: 11cm x 11cm

  • Inside 25% section: 11cm x 5.75cm

  • Weight: 1.522kg

*Measured by hand; please allow a few centimetres for error.

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