Morning Mist Study

Morning Mist STudy.jpg
Morning Mist STudy.jpg
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Morning Mist Study


‘Morning Mist Study’ is an original oil painting by Kate Bentley SWA. Created on a panel and framed.

Why It’s a Staff Favourite (Mri):

I don’t normally like the colours that dominate this painting, but Kate has managed to capture my heart with them anyway. Even surrounded by her other stunning work, including a gorgeous, dominating one with swans, this painting still stands out to me. It’s the first one that captures my eye every time I walk past it or glance up from my computer (for I have been blessed with having it near in front of me).

Kate has managed to capture that perfect moment in the morning, where the world has been asleep for ages and is just now waking, ready to fight a new day. It’s one of drowsy hope and early morning promises that will, maybe, hopefully, lead to fruition.


  • Full Width: 34cm

  • Full Height: 34cm

  • Painting’s Width: 30cm

  • Painting’s Height: 30cm

  • Frame Width: 1cm

  • Depth: 5cm

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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