Birthplace: Birmingham
Location: Coldstream, Scottish Borders
Art Medium: Sandblasted Glass
Style: Naturalistic

  • BA Glass with Ceramics – Sunderland Polytechnic

Work representation: My work is based on the flora and fauna local to me in the Scottish Borders, the flora being drawn from my neighbour’s glorious garden and the fauna that crosses my path while walking the dog.

Julia draws much of her inspiration from the shapes natural forms make, the detail they include and how that interacts with the colour, opacity and shape of her bowls.   She has recently started working much more on both the inside and outside surfaces of the glass to indicate complexity within a very simple pattern or to achieve movement through layering.

Public Collections:

  • Manchester University Library
  • Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
  • Nature in Art Gallery and Museum, Twig-worth


Work represented by us:
Glassworks & Mirrors: Julia Linstead

www.julialinsteadglass.com    Facebook:@julialinsteadglass