Wast Water

Wast Water LEP1.jpg
Wast Water LEP1.jpg

Wast Water


Wast Water is a beautiful framed, limited edition print by Jenny McLaren. Of 100.

The original is a mixed media painting (acrylic & watercolour ink with parts done in acrylic gouache) on an old map of the area in question.

Framed print. Gold frame with glass.

Why This is a Staff Favourite (Mri):

There is an antique bookshop across the road from the gallery and every day I’m working, but my partner isn’t, I pop in on my lunch break. I love antique books and maps, so when Jenny reached out to us, I instantly fell in love with her work.

What makes this one my favourite of hers (so far) is its slight 3D effect. I love paintings with that sort of depth to them and you can see a bit of that here with the lake and surrounding fells. There is a tangible coastline that captures the true essence of Wast Water.


  • Print Width: 15.25cm

  • Print Height: 15.25cm

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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