Birthplace: Leeds
Location: Leeds
Art Medium: Acrylics on Canvas
Style: Realism
Work Representation: Landscape & Interiors

  • Fine Art, Stourbridge College of Art

Fiona Starr went on to train as a teacher in 1987, becoming Head of Art and Design Technology at Moorlands Independent School in Leeds.  She has since resigned from this post to take up painting full time.

Fiona's paintings are fundamentally inspired by colour and the desire to make pain express vital, living feelings and emotions.  She works intuitively with colour and shape, where her original ideas and compositions are constantly being changed - shifted and modified until the painting has absorbed the feelings she wishes to convey.  Her sense of developed colour is from fleeting memories of landscapes, her surroundings, and the emotions that those colours create within her.

Her paintings hover between figuration and abstraction and explore many different themes.  She works mainly in acrylics, starting with base coats of luminous colour.  She builds up layers, overlapping translucent washes with more opaque vibrant colours.  She likes the contradiction of the organic forms of the human body with the more geometric lines and shapes that make up the interior space.  She enjoys grappling with the challenges of developing a compositional flow to the shapes across the surface of the canvas.


  • Salt House Gallery, St. Ives

  • Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

  • St. Ives Gallery, Cornwall

  • 'ART' Gallery, Leeds

  • Oakwood Gallery, Leeds

  • Walker Gallery, Harrogate

  • Olive Tree, Leeds

  • 'Borders', Leeds

  • Harlow Carr exhibition

  • Artco, Art and Framing, Leeds

  • York Treasurer's House Exhibition, 'The Northern Landscapes'

  • Headrow Gallery, Leeds

  • Edinburgh Art Fair


Work represented by NLG:
Paintings: Fiona Starr