Location: Nottingham
Art Medium: Ceramics
BA Decorative Arts, Nottingham Trent University

Emma works from her studio in Nottingham.  She uses black and terracotta clays to make her pots and plates, using a press-moulding process.  Her brooches are cut from hand rolled slabs of clay.

After applying slips and biscuit firing the work at 1000ºC, she dips and pours on a range of glazes.  The textured glazes are a unique addition to her pots in a process she calls ‘crawling’ due to how they seem to ‘crawl’ away from the clay surface during their creation.

In 2003 she was awarded a business start up grant from the Prince's Trust.

 “I draw inspiration from my observations and experiences of the natural world - from childhood memories of seaside holidays spent beachcombing and rock pooling to things I see around me from day to day, such as lichen growing on a stone wall.” - Emma Williams

Tall Bowl
Round Bowl