Han Kengai

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Han Kengai


This gorgeous tree by Clive Maddison is inspired by a Han Kengai Tree. It is a unique handmade item with each strand of wire running from the roots through to the leaves. It has no other additional wiring, glue, solder, or any other means of securing them. The sculpture is self supporting through the twisting method used which holds it together.

The tree is mounted on a solid base of wood with the roots on display which are as much a part of the trees as the canopy of leaves and trunk.


  • Full Height: 42cm

  • Full Width: 24cm

  • Full Depth: 17cm

  • Base Height: 17.5cm

  • Base Width: 8cm

  • Base Depth: 8cm

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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