Cat in Snow Bowl


Cat in Snow Bowl


A burnished stoneware bowl titled ‘Cat in Snow’ by Clare Humphry.

This bowl had an initial bisque firing in a conventional electric kiln before being decorated with scenes hand drawn from her sights in Cumbria. It was then smoke fired by being placed in an open bonfire to allow the naked flames to carbonise the design and add the subtle colouring.

Due to the nature of low temperature firing, this bowl is less robust than high fired stoneware and will remain porous so cannot be used to contain liquids.

When cleaning, avoid the use of abrasive materials. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the design.


  • Top Diameter: 11cm

  • Bottom Diameter: 5cm

  • Height: 9.5cm

  • Weight: 168g

*Measured by hand. Allow 1-2cm for error.

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