Birthplace: Cumbria
Location: Central Lakes
Art Medium: Ceramics
Style: Smoke-fired white stoneware, and high-fired white stoneware

  • BA honours degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at Cumbria Institute of the Arts

Work Representation:

The subject of the dissertation that I wrote for my contemporary applied art degree was on the way that ceramics have been used throughout the centuries as a subversive means of political protest.  But my issue driven tendencies are tempered by a background in contemplative practices and plenty of time spent immersed in nature. These conflicting tensions in my personality are worked out in my ceramic practice through differing strands in my body of work.

The two styles of bowls currently on show in Northern Lights both leave some of the processes open to random and organic development at the firing stage. My smoke-fired bowls are submitted to the flames of an open fire, where I have limited control over the final look of the piece, and over the past seven years I have developed my crystal-glazes to enhance the random nature of the results as the crystals grow spontaneously through the molten liquid glaze, and swirl the oxide-colourings around in the process. 

This ensures that all my bowls, whether smoke-fired or crystal-glazed, are completely unique and you can be sure that no-one else in the country has one that is exactly the same as yours.


Work represented by NLG:
Ceramics: Clare Humphry