Snow on the Edge

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Snow on the Edge


Snow on the Edge is a stunning painting of Striding Edge, Helvellyn by Amanda Watson.

Oil on Board. Dark grey wooden frame.

Why It’s a Staff Favourite (Mri):

It’s perfection. The snow blowing off the mountain; the moody lighting; the dark side of the cliff - remarkable all on their own, but together… Just wow. But my favourite thing about it is the texture that gives it depth, that makes the craggy mountain come alive. It really needs to be admired in person to get that full effect and I will always regret not purchasing it myself. If only I hadn’t been saving up for a stupid mortgage.


  • Full Width: 36cm

  • Full Height: 36cm

  • Painting Width: 31cm

  • Painting Height: 31cm

  • Frame Width: 1cm

  • Depth: 4cm

*Measured by hand; please allow for error.

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