Birthplace: West Yorkshire
Location: South Lakes
Art Medium: Oils

  • BA Fine Art Painting, Bretton Campus of the University of Leeds 2004

"A painting for me is far more than reproducing a scene; as I walk I use all my senses to experience my surroundings, the energy and power of high winds and rain or the calm tranquillity of misty days. Therefore I’m constantly seeking ways to express a passing moment and will adapt technique accordingly in an attempt to capture that in paint." - Amanda Watson

Amanda has held a lifelong love of both Art and rural space, especially wild places, being drawn to mountains and the coast.  She especially enjoys being out when the weather is inclement, when the cloud is low and the light creates fleeting moments of magic; or when the waves are big and crashing. Revisiting specific locations, she walks and loses herself in contemplation; gradually over time this allows her to get to know a place.  

Whilst walking she will stop and sketch, this allowing her to really see what she's looking at. Back in her studio she works from these sketches to begin a painting, but then allows memory to take over.

Summer Rain